Interface Re-Entry Scheme

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With so much used carpet ending up in landfill,  Interface decided to try and do something about it. Their idea –  the Re-entry scheme. Its aim is to give people choices when it comes to getting rid of their used carpet. Rather than just going to landfill, they offer several options. These include helping local communities as well as the environment, thereby helping to boost your company’s sustainability credentials.

The list of choices is as follows. The first choice is for the flooring to be Reused again. Interface work with social enterprises, who specialise in rehoming the used carpet. This makes sure this used flooring benefits those who really need it. The second choice is to Re-purpose the used carpet, so it is made into other products or services. The third choice is to Recycle. Interface has created recycling processes to ensure the biggest amount of material ends up in new carpet or other recycling streams. The last option is to Recover. Only when necessary, energy is recovered in a waste to energy facility.



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